Redemption’s Hill Church is elder-led and member-informed.

What are elders?

Elders are the leaders of the church also called pastors, bishops and overseers in the New Testament of the Bible (Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:11; 1 Pet. 5:2). The elders are men chosen for their ministry according to clear biblical qualifications (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). The elders are always spoken of in plurality because God intends for more than one man to lead and rule over the church as a safeguard for both the church and the man.

What do elders do?

At Redemption’s Hill the elder’s primary responsibility is the oversight of Doctrine, Direction and Discipline.

Doctrine – Elders are responsible to:

  • Teach the Bible accurately (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 3:2)
  • Preach (1 Tim. 5:17)
  • Teach sound doctrine and refute false teaching (Titus 1:9)
  • Protect the church from false teachers (Acts 20:17-31)
  • Care for the people comprising the church (James 5:13-15; 1 Pet. 5:2-5).

Direction – Elders are responsible to:

  • Rule and lead the church (1 Tim. 5:17)
  • Manage the church (1 Tim. 3:4-5)
  • Give an account for the church (Heb. 13:17)
  • Rightly steward the money of the church (1 Pet. 5:1-3)
  • Train other leaders and teachers in the church (Eph. 4:11-16; 2 Tim. 2:1-2).

Discipline – Elders are responsible to:

  • Care for the people comprising the church (James 5:13-15; 1 Pet. 5:2-5)
  • Live exemplary lives (Heb. 13:7)
  • Rightly use the authority God has entrusted to them (Acts 20:28)
  • Discipline unrepentant Christians (Matt. 18:15-17).

Who Are Your Current Elders?

Currently, planting pastor T.J. Dreyer and Garett Richards serve as the local elders for Redemption’s Hill Church. An advisory board has been created that functions as external elders until qualified men locally can be appointed.